Of great Sunday afternoons

Stanley Place
Hawthorn East Vic 3123

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Spent the last week of my mid semester break with Ernest and Chai. We went to Camberwell Sunday Flea Market and made our way to brunch at Goldilocks after. I am a brunch fanatic and I absolutely love checking out new cafes. Goldilocks, however, was a slight disappointment. Given the standards of cafes in Melbourne, Goldilocks was pretty average. Service was good but food and coffee was just so-so. In my opinion, having being pampered by the high standards of cafes in Melbourne, I expected much better. Overall however, it was still decent and affordable.

Three of us ordered different items. Chai had grilled asparagus with scrambled eggs, pecorino and fresh tomato salsa. Ernest ordered baked eggs in spicy paprika capsicum sauce with chorizo sausage & goat’s cheese. I chose to have regular poached eggs with ocean trout, butter milk blini, adelaide hills goat curd & beetroot relish. Out of all three, I liked mine the most (not being bias LOL). Ever since I had beetroot at Huff’s Bagelry, I’ve developed a liking for it. Chai’s scrambled eggs tasted good but it was a safe dish while Ernest’s one tasted more like tomato based pasta sauce. My dish had a slight twist, the poached eggs and beetroot somehow complemented the salty flavor of the salmon and matched well with the pancakes.

Made our way to the city to visit the Bend & Snap Market. The Bend & Snap Market is held every last Sunday of each month at Thousand £ Bend. It’s a small flea market set up in an indoor gallery space at the back of a cafe. Camberwell Market is by far one of the best flea markets in Melbourne so Bend & Snap paled in comparison. Defintely not worth making a trip just for the market but I’ve heard really good reviews of the cafe. Plus, the cafe is located in the city so I foresee myself coming back to try their food and coffee.

We went to Queen Victoria Market as well. Basically, we were eating non-stop for the entire day and found tons of munchies along the way. There was this truck called the Tram Stop selling Dutch pancakes and their pancakes totally blew us away. They tasted amazing and the ice cream plus maple syrup altogether tasted like heaven. We also went to Little Cupcakes at Flinders’ Street. The regular size cupcakes were sold out so I had to settle for a mini chocolate cupcake. Nevertheless, I was deeply satisfied with the sugary treats!!!

It was a great Sunday, couldn’t have asked for better company or  a better way to end the mid semester break! Shall backtrack to the Grampian road trip with a new post soon.


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