Huff Baglery

Huff Bagelry
112 Koornang Rd
Carnegie, VIC 3163

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Thanks to Chai’s recommendation, I had an awesome bagel breakfast with Tricia on Wednesday morning last week. Exploring the suburbs is fun, especially when you find quaint little cafes out of nowhere, hipster looking craft stores and random thrift shops etc. It was my second time at Carneige and it was a morning full of surprises. To kick off, the weather was perfect – 18 degrees, sunny. Weather had never been such a huge conversational topic until I arrived in Melbourne. But it’s legit, unlike Singapore’s all year round hot and humid weather, the weather in Melbourne is extremely unpredictable and it really DOES affect your mood and plans for the day.

Tricia’s cravings for bagels were finally fulfilled. Breakfast was generally good. While the coffee was average, the bagels were value for money. I had Autumn – a plain bagel with ham, cheese, egg and beer root relish. Tricia had Summer – a sesame bagel with ham, hollandaise and avocado. There were also a variety of bagels – original, sesame, wholemeal, garlic salt and rosemary, onion and poppyseed, chocolate chip and blueberry. While bagels might not be my favorite food, the Autumn breakfast I had was delicious. I liked the taste of the beetroot, it was a pleasant combination with the ham and cheese. There was a slight sour taste from the beetroot so it managed to offset the saltiness which combined to create a refreshing flavour.

After breakfast, we decided to explore Carnegie a little and we stumbled upon this small cosy cafe (Spilt Milk) just round the corner. We decided to have a second round of coffee and sat outside. This is the reason why I love exploring – absolutely love the excitement and adrenaline rush when somehow some way I manage to find interesting places/food/activities.

Carnegie is a small suburb but there are some good food in that area. I had lunch at Shyun with Ernest and Chai previously – authentic Japanese food at decent prices. There are also good Thai and Korean food places. Definitely coming back to Carnegie for breakfast at Spilt Milk.

Just a sidenote, I was talking to my twin sister (fun fact but yes, I really do have one) just over Facebook and she said this: “chase the twenties”. I really believe that this decade is going to be one of the best times of my life. Cliche as it sounds, but being young gives us all that we need to burn brighter than the sun. While university can get stressful at times, and it may sound sick, but I love this – studying my ass out, playing my heart out and just living it. For anyone out there who is reading this and feeling a little overwhelmed by just about everything, I have two things for you:

#1 In the end we only regret the chances we did not take.

#2 Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.

What a great morning.


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  1. Loved those last quotes :)

  2. Estella Koh · · Reply

    Hi Sam!

    Thank you :) It was tumblr-inspired but yeah, love them too!

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