Hi all. Thank you for following me on Your Wanderlust. Finally breaking from the hiatus, I have shifted to a new site. Bigger, better, braver, I am all ready to embark on a new journey. Follow me at Instagram: @chasingthetwenties   <3  


Mornings like these I feel rejuvenated and alive. Currently looping my favorite song: Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. YourWanderlust is not dead. On a hiatus till June-ish as some exciting changes are coming your way! Forgot to notify on the blog (but left msgs on FB) but I finally bought a .com and am extremely […]


Updates: Buried under tons and tons of assignments, here’s my hell week of the semester. Been away from blogging and instead, I’ve been studying my ass out in the library. The weather in Melbourne is getting extremely chilly. It is autumn but it feels like winter already, with the weather dropping to 6-8 degrees (or […]


Coinciding with the Easter holiday was my mid semester break last week! This mid semester was pretty relaxing as compared to the previous breaks last year where I went for longer road trips or camped at the city for the entire week. One of the more memorable things I did this Easter was going on […]


Dead Man Expresso 35 Market St South Melbourne 3205   Spent the Easter Friday morning with Sarah at Dead Man Espresso. Finally got a chance to visit the cafe and we’re definitely lucky to arrive fifteen minutes before the kitchen closes. The cafe is well designed with very comfortable light filled seatings. Dead Man Expresso […]


Caught my first concert of 2013 in Melbourne! Jason Mraz “Love is a four letter world” 2013 Australia concert was absolutely phenomenal. Other than being with the best company I could possibly ask for, Mraz was nearly flawless.The concert was held last Monday night at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. It was an outdoor venue […]


One of my major highlights for the Moomba Festival is definitely the fireworks. It was absolutely stunning. The fireworks lasted for at least twenty minutes and the scene across the Yarra River is just breathtaking. While these shots do not do justice to the spectacular fireworks, these are my best shots after filtering from the […]


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